Bath & Shower

Walk-in bathtubs or conversion kits may be the answer to your bathing needs.

Bathing is more than just getting clean. Bathing offers the warmth and relaxation of  water therapy. It relaxes the mind, soothes muscles and offers relief to aching joints.

If your are having problems in getting into or out of a regular bath tub we may have the solution  for you. Come in and see our model display.

SAFETY BATH (Canadian Made & CSA Certified)

Two styles to choose from with or without warm air jets.
Features Include;
Low entry step, Easy reach controls, Outer swing doorSlip resistant surface, Grab bar on door, Low water volume (less water than a regular tub), Quick drain system

Fits a standard bath tub area (33.5W X29.5H X36.5L) with molded corner skirtRight or left door swing.

Options available:
Molded corner skirt
Seat warmer
Shower Curtain Rod
Faucet System


SAFETY BATH (Canadian Made & CSA Certified)

A 5ft. Bath tub with side door entry
The So-Lo allows the bather to have full length bath or shower without stepping over the edge of the tub.
Features Include;
Low entry step, Easy access door, Folding safety seat/transfer bench with retaining wall bracket.
Measures 32W X18H X59.5L

Options available:
12 warm air jets
Faucet and drain kit
Tub surround
Left or right hand drain

SAFETY BATH (Canadian Made & CSA Certified)
SO-LO with Heater Shower Deck 

Slightly wider than the regular So-Lo where space allows.
Same features as above
12”X59.5 sitting area
44W X18H X59.5L

Bath Lift

If you like to soak but can’t get down or up from your tub, a bath lift may be the solution 

Easy to use with rechargeable battery powered remote.
Important safety feature: if not enough  power to lift you up, the bath lift will not lower you in to the tub.
Lowers to about 2’ off bottom of tub (suitable for regular tubs)
Portable for transport
Non -slip cover

Come in to see our display model!

Shower Heads & Bath Mats 

We have a variety of Bath Mats and Shower Heads.

Long handle deluxe shower heads have an 82” hose and shut of valve on handle.
Adjustable settings for you comfort.
Non-slip bath mats fit the length of your tub and are machine washable.


For more bath safety products see our Bath Safety page.