We carry an assortment of bathroom comfort and safety seat products.

If what you’re looking for isn’t listed here, please contact us to see if we have what you want in-store or if we can special order it in for you.

Raised Toilet Seats  

2-5” height.
With or without arms.
Clamp on or suction styles available.
Easy to clean molded plastic or
soft touch.

Bath & Shower Seats

Several models to choosefrom.
With or without back.
With or without arms.
Height adjustable.
Transfer Benches 

Padded or moulded plastic.
Sits half in the tub & half out for those
having trouble getting in and out of the tub.
Lets you sit on the edge and than
swing your legs over into the tub.
Shower safe and secure.
Height adjustable.

Bath Lifts

If you like to soak but can’t get down or
up from your tub, a bath lift may be the
Easy to use rechargeable battery remote.
Great safety feature, if there’s not enough
power to lift you up, the bath lift will not
lower you in to the tub.
Lowers to about 2’ off bottom of tub
(suitable for regular tubs).
Portable for transport.
Non-slip cover. 

Come in to see our display model!

Other models available.

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