Medical Lift Chairs

Immerse yourself in the luxurious style and exceptional quality of Canadian and American medical lift and recline chairs. Lifts you to a standing position with zero gravity features. 

If your are having difficulty rising from a sitting position or need to elevate legs and feet, you may need a medical lift chair.

Come in to be fitted for the correct size and model. Sizes Jr. Petite under 5 ft to Tall 6.8ft. Weight capacity from 200lbs to 700lbs.

Most insurance companies will cover the cost with a doctors prescription.                                                                                                                                                                     MUSKOKA POWER LIFT CHAIRS…LARGE BLOWOUT SALE…LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE…$1100.00 NO TAX WARRANTY AND FREE LOCAL DELIVERY INCLUDED. SEE BELOW FOR STYLE AND COLOURS AVAILABLE…

Comforter Series The comforter Series is all about finding the perfect size for the perfect fit. The comforter series offers five sizes to comfortably fit people from 5ft-6.8ft with weight capacities ranging from 300-375lbs. Featuring plush fabrics and a wide range of colours to choose from. All chairs have battery back up in case of power outage and an easy to use remote.
Comfort Wide SeriesSame features as regular Comforter series chairs but with wider seat to accommodate people who need more space between armrests. Weight capacity on these models are 375, 500, and 700lbs the highest in the industry. These models are constructed with the highest quality components for reliable, steady lifting and reclining.
Maxi Comfort
Multi position chair with pre setting control for Trendelenberg position, (feet raised above the heart level) Zero gravity, sleeping, or watching TV. Same features as the regular Comforter series
Muskoka Features
  • Wall Saver
  • Head & armrest covers
    Muskoka Features
    Wall Saver
    Head & armrest covers
    Dual side pockets
    Digital hand control
    Removable back
    Integrated battery back-up
  • Dual side pockets
  • Digital hand control                                                                                          Removable back                                                                                                    Integrated battery back-up

– Other GOLDEN TECHNOLOGIES models available including Signature Series, Traditional Series & Value Series
– GOLDEN TECHNOLOGIES options include heat & massage and special fabric options.
– Options available for heat and massage on some NEXIDEA models
– Most chairs come with battery back-up in case of a power failure