Invacare Scooter


For your independence & mobility issues be sure to check out our great scooter selection.

Come in for a hands-on demonstration and learn the safety rules of owning and operating a scooter.

New and refurbished units available…

SpiritGK10 Compact/Portable Scooter Easy as 1-2-3 disassemble
21M/33KM on a single charge
300lb. weight capacity
Explorer Mid Size Scooter Full Suspension
300lb weight capacity
Full light package
Adjustable captain seat
50AH batteries
25m/40KM on a charge
Trailblazer Luxury Scooter Delta tiller
Full suspension
Adjustable Captain Seat
Complete light package
2HP motor
2speed up to 9.45 mph
25M/40KM on a charge
LYNX Micro Portable Scooter Easy disassemble
Estimated 7M/11KM travel range
5mph travel speed
Foam filled flat free tires
300lb. weight capacity
1 yr warranty
LEO Mid Size Scooter Comes apart in five easy pieces for easy transport
2-36AH batteries
Full light system
Swivel height adjustable seat
350 lb. weight capacity
AURGIA Scooter Revolving fully adjustable seat
Easy transport
Spring suspension
330lb. weight capacity
Light system
METEOR Full Size Scooter Delta tiller
Full suspension
Light Package
25-30 miles on a charge
12” tires
440lb weight capacity
1700 DT Delta tiller
Full suspension
Light package
25-30 miles on a charge
300lb weight capacity

Other models available.
* 5yr Limited Warranty on most SHOPRIDER models