Please call for more information 705-528-1515, our staff will do their best to answer your questions in a timely manner.

Q –  Is there government funding to help with my purchase?
A –  There is for mobility equipment including wheelchairs and rollator/walkers. Paperwork must be filled out by an authorizer with the Assistive Devices Program. Call the Accessibility Resource Centre, they may able to put you in touch with the correct organization to help with additional funding for other equipment – 1-800-465-1133

Q –  Do you bill insurance companies?
A –  Not unless prior approval is given by a therapist and all information is sent to us (must be for a purchase over $50.00)

Q –  Do you do home assessments for equipment?
A –  We can give suggestions but it may be better to have a therapist do the assessment as they have the knowledge of what would most benefit your condition.

Q –  What is your return policy?
A – On most items we do not accept returns or exchanges as we are a health store and need to be careful as a lot of our clients have health issues and it’s very important that we avoid spreading germs and infections.

Q –  What should I do to store my Scooter over winter?
A –  Scooter batteries must be charged at least once a month even if you do not use your scooter.If you can keep a trickle charge on it when storing you won’t have to remember to charge it monthly. If batteries are left to completely discharge you may not be able to bring them back up. Batteries are not under warranty.

Q – Do I need a licence to operate a Scooter?
A – Not at this time

Q – Do I need insurance to own a Scooter?
A – Check with your insurance company most include it under household contents

Q – Do you sell or buy used equipment?
A – Yes. We also take donated equipment and try to match it with clients who cant afford to purchase new equipment.