Stair Lifts & Ramps

Do you have a mobility issue and need help accessing your home safely? We may be able to help with the aid of a ramp, stair lift or platform lift. Come in to talk to one of our friendly staff  and we can discuss your personal needs. Ramps are available for indoor, outdoor, vehicle , threshold or stairs.

The alternative to moving from your home. With easy installation of a stair lift or platform lift you will be able to access all levels of your home safely. Models available for indoor and outdoor use. 

Suitcase Ramp

2’,3’,4’,5’, or 6’ lengths available
Folds easily for transport.
By removing two hinge pins you have 2lightweight pieces to carry.
Skid resistant surface and bottom transition plate for easy conversion from ramp.
29” wide, 800lb weight capacity

Trifold Ramp

5’,6’,7’,8’, or 10’ lengths available
Comes apart for easy transport and storage. Same features as suit case ramp.

Threshold Ramp

1’, 1.5’, 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, or 6’ heights available.
Full length design.
Light weight yet durable.
Provides sturdy secure seam free surface for wheelchair or scooter, walkers and canes.
Ideal for doorways, raised landings and sliding glass doors.
34″ wide, 600lb weight capacity

Pathway Ramp

4’, 6’, 8’, or 10’ lengths available.
Optional hand rails also available.
Designed for safety and reliability.
Extra wide and heavy duty to withstand the harshest conditions.
Available with or with out handrails.
No skid surface.
36’ width 800lb weight capacity
Additional widths available.

Modular Ramps

When mobility needs to extend beyond a portable ramp.
Quick and easy to install.
Efficient design uses less hardware and no pre-assembly required.
24ft system including handrails and can be installed in less than 30 minutes.
Can be easily moved and configured as needs change.
36’ wide 800lb weight capacity.

SL1000 Stair Lift

For residential straight stair applications.
Extra comfort seat with adjustable arm width.
Constant charge battery gives you peace of mind even when the power goes out.
Smooth, quiet operation.
On board controls and infrared remote to call chair up or down stairs.
Obstacle sensor.
Foldable foot rest folds to less than 14” from wall.
Safety features:  Swivel lock seat, seat belt, no skid foot rest and obstacle sensor.
36 month parts warranty.

Multi Lift

Indoor and Outdoor use.
Ideal for porch and decks.
Rugged construction for tough climate conditions.
Accommodates wheelchairs up to 750 lb.
Emergency stop button.
Obstruction sensor.
Manual hand crank in case of power failure.
48’ or 72’ travel height,  34X48.
Options Available:
Guard rails or gate, 12volt battery operated for indoor use, emergency alarm on car.
36 month parts warranty.